Valerie Guzman

City Council
Title: City Council Member
Valarie Guzman


Valarie graduated from Northern Virginia Community College in 2013, with a degree in Paralegal Studies. She also attended the Technical College of the Lowcountry and pursued a certificate program in paralegal studies.


Valarie has served in several senior executive positions in healthcare, including a stint in Bahrain, allowing her to gain a multicultural and global perspective. She was also a volunteer EMT at the Naval Hospital in Rota, Spain and several EMS squads in Virginia. She currently volunteers as a Paralegal at the Lowcountry Legal Volunteers and augments their services at the office in Hardeeville.

Personal Life

Valarie Guzman was born in Southeast Asia. She has lived in different parts of the world in support of her now retired military spouse and is a global traveler. Prior to moving to Hardeeville in 2018, she lived and worked in Virginia. Valarie is an ardent supporter of the Military, Fire/EMS and the Police.


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