Communication, IT, and Digital Solutions (CID)

At the core of Hardeeville's diverse community is a steadfast commitment to connectivity, transparency, and the dissemination of shared information. Through a dedicated pursuit of technological advancements, our aim is to provide timely and pertinent data that strengthens the community. By leveraging the advanced capabilities of digital media, we intend to highlight the distinctive experiences, accomplishments, and goals that characterize Hardeeville. It is our mission to cultivate a digital environment that inspires and informs residents while also building a sense of pride and identity among them.  Through innovative digital platforms, our objective is to encourage an inclusive dialogue, promoting civic engagement and unity within the community.


The Communication, IT, and Digital Solutions Department's main responsibilities include:

  • Budget and cost control
  • Business intelligence/analytics 
  • Citizen/customer engagement/experience
  • CJIS compliance 
  • Cybersecurity 
  • Data governance: transparency, open data
  • Disaster recovery/continuity of operations 
  • Employee Training
  • Infrastructure Modernization: Life Cycle Management
  • IT governance 
  • Managing all social media platforms
  • Overseeing the HTVN TV station
  • Recording events around the community

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