Welcome to Hardeeville, South Carolina

On behalf of the Mayor, Council, Administration and Staff of the City of Hardeeville, we want to welcome you to our great city and we look forward to our opportunity to meet you. As a new resident or business, we are sharing with you highlights and information about the city and our Lowcountry region for you to utilize, explore, and enjoy.

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More than just a small city

Hardeeville, SC is transitioning into a local gem for the Lowcountry region, as it continues showcasing its southern charm, its beautiful geographical features, and new communities centered on vibrant cultures that are captivating people from all over to choose to live here.

As a result, the city is transforming into a melting pot for new residents and is also becoming a focal point for new economic development opportunities that will provide new jobs and strengthen the local economy. For additional information, please view our welcome packet.

  1. City of Hardeeville

    Physical Address
    205 Main Street
    Hardeeville, SC 29927