State Programs

South Carolina's Enterprise Program & Job Development Program

Enterprise Program

South Carolina's Enterprise Program provides companies with funds to assist in offsetting the cost of locating or expanding a business facility in the state by contributing cash contributions to the project that allows the state to lower the cost of investment and positively contribute to the company's bottom line. Eligibility requirements apply.

Job Development Credit

The Job Development Credit reimburses qualifying companies the cost of eligible capital expenditures (land, building, site development, or infrastructure) associated with projects that create new full-time jobs providing healthcare benefits for citizens of South Carolina.


ReadySC (formerly known as CATT) is a program unique to South Carolina and is an outstanding employment training resource for companies locating or expanding within the state. ReadySC recruits, screens, and provides short-term training of individuals for specific job assignments with new and expanding businesses and industry, typically at no cost to the company. Custom training programs are provided to actively prepare a trained workforce for positions within the facility and are often conducted in close proximity to the facility or on-site at the new facility itself.