Business License Worksheet

City of Hardeeville

Business License Calculation Worksheet for Renewals

If preferred, we can calculate the tax for your convenience:

complete the application except for the calculation

enter the adjusted gross income on line 3

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1. What is your class? See upper right corner of renewal letter OR ____________ Click

Example: Contractors are 8.1

2. Is your business headquartered in or out of the city? If it is out of city, make sure ____________

to use out of city rates

3. Gross income received in the city limits for previous year—also enter on line 1 of ____________

the application

4. Enter total deductions—Only allowed for the two groups below: ____________

▪ For in-city contractor, list all gross income reported to other jurisdictions

on line 2 of the application

▪ For convenience stores, list approved deductible taxes paid on line 2

of the application

5. Subtract line 4 from line 3 ____________

This is your adjusted gross income—also enter on line 3 of application

6. Initial Base Tax for your class—also enter on line 4 of application ____________ Click

Example: For an out of city contractor--$95.00

7. Per One-Thousand Rate for your class--use link from step 6 ____________ Example: For a contractor out of city--$3.00

8. If line 3 is more than $100,000, subtract $100,000 from gross income/ contract ____________

amount, if not, skip to step 13

9. Divide line 8 by 1000 and round number up to the nearest whole number ____________

10. Multiply "per thousand" rate by amount on line 9—also enter on line 5 of application ____________

11. Add lines 6 and 10 ____________

12. If line 11 is more than $50,000 see the Tiered Reduction section of the Classification ____________ & Rate Schedule and add the credit on this line—also enter on line 6 of the application

If not, skip this step

13. Are you paying this after April 30th? ____________ If not, SKIP this step. If it is after April 30th, add 10% for every 30 days past 4-30

Also enter on line 7 of the application

14. Add lines 6, 11 and 13 together minus line 12 ____________

This is your total tax—also enter on line 8 of the application