Police Department

Our Mission Statement 

It is the mission of the Hardeeville Police Department to consistently provide a level of service that improves the quality of life for the residents and visitors. We recognize our ethical responsibility and commit ourselves to a high standard of professional accountability. Dignity and respect for all individuals has provided the foundation for our community policing partnerships. Our mission is accomplished through collaborative efforts between the police department and the community by employing proactive policing strategies and problem solving.
Hardeeville Police Patch

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. What are the Department’s hours of operation?

Our officer hours are from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday, excluding Holidays.
2. How do I get a copy of my report?
You may receive a copy of your report from the records specialist at the Hardeeville Police Department during normal business hours.
3. Is there a fee in order to get a copy of a report?
Yes, there is a fee of $5 per report, and the acceptable payment forms are certified checks, cashier checks, and money orders. There is no charge for victims to obtain a copy of their report.
4. When can I get a copy of my report?
We suggest checking with the records specialist two days after your incident date to inquire if your report is ready for dissemination.
5. Can I get my fingerprint cards completed at the police department, and is there a fee for this service?
The Police Department does offer this service to the citizens of Hardeeville free of charge.
6. Can I get a background check done at the police department?
The Police Department refers all persons requesting background checks to the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division (SLED). SLED may be reach by phone at 803-896-1443, or you can visit the SLED Website.
7. Where do I pay a traffic citation?
You may pay your citation by:

- Mail using Money Order or Cashiers Checks only. Please include a copy of the citation or note the citation number (bottom-right red number on citation) on the money order or cashier’s check. Mail your payment to:

City of Hardeeville
P.O. Box 582
Hardeeville, SC 29927

- Phone using a credit or debit card. Call 843-784-3366.

- In person using cash, credit or debit card, money order, or cashier’s check. We are located at 26 Martin Street, Hardeeville, SC 29927.

- Online using a credit or debit card. Visit our Payment Website.
8. How long do I have to pay a citation?
When paying a citation, your payment must be received before your court date, or the day of. After that timeline, the court will process your citation and notify the state of nonpayment and failure to appear to court.