Business Incentives

South Carolina has one of the lowest state and per capita tax rates in the nation and offers other attractive incentives such as no manufacturer inventory tax and no state real or personal property taxes. A five-year abatement of county property taxes (excluding schools and special use taxes) is available to any business with capital expenditures for new facilities in excess of $50,000. Additional exemptions and abatements are also available.

With larger investments, a special "fee in lieu of taxes" can be negotiated, offering a predictable future tax rate.

  • No Inventory Tax
  • No Local Income Tax
  • No State Property Tax
  • No Unitary Tax on Worldwide Profits
  • No Wholesale Tax
  • No Sales Tax on manufacturing machinery, industrial power or materials for finish
“The South Carolina Department of Commerce, working with the S. C. Legislature, the Governor’s Office, the Counties and the Municipalities of our state, have a bold and forward-thinking package of incentives to help bring you to the Palmetto State. These incentives not only make our rural areas competitive for large projects, but they also allow us the flexibility we need to help tailor a total package to meet your needs.”

-Ted Felder