New Business Requirements

When opening a business within the City of Hardeeville, there are several approvals and forms which are required. An owner or authorized representative will be required to fill out the necessary documents and have them approved by the appropriate City of Hardeeville departments. All applications for a Business License must be approved by the Planning, Building and Fire Department before issuance of the Business License. All buildings must meet building code and fire safety requirements. Building permits are required for any renovations or changes. Any change in ownership or physical address requires written notification to the Business License Department. These changes will require Planning Department approval and inspections by the Building and Fire Department.

Required Forms

Applications must be accompanied by the following:

  1. Completed business license application.
  2. Copy of Photo I.D. of Business Owner.
  3. Copy of (current) SC State License, if applicable (803-896-4300)
  4. Copy of SC retail sales tax license, if applicable (843-852-3600)
  5. If this is a one-time or Project License; you will need to provide a copy of contract.
  6. Sub-contractor list (if you are using any subs, they are required to have a current City of Hardeeville business license before they can begin work for you). If a business is found to be operating in the City of Hardeeville without a Business License, a $100-$250 penalty may be assessed.
  7. City of Hardeeville permits or inspection reports (843-784-2231)
  8. DHEC approval, if applicable (843-846-1030)
Please see the New Business Checklist (PDF) for additional information.